Hello and welcome to my blog, it is about making games!

Hopefully, you like making games or at least you want to know more about the process that goes into building the games you love. I currently work at a AAA studio. My side project and my passion is a small company I started called Wirlwith; we can talk about the name later. It currently has a game out on the app store Guilds of Eleridan as well as a game in development called Aries.

Don’t worry though this isn’t here to market to you or sell you on games AAA or otherwise, I want to help people in the industry and those looking to get started. Too often we avoid having the courageous conversations that move other technology sectors forward, but this will be a safe space for better ideas to grow and be discussed.

Please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter, in the comments if you have any feedback or thoughts.

It should go without saying but please keep things polite and constructive.

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